Technology that works for your business

Why Avarus?

Avarus provides customized technology solutions for a range of clientele including network design services and installation to healthcare medical carts.

Our Projects and Experience

75,000 sq. ft.

Our experience includes the design and installation of a 75,000 sq. ft. Class A office space built out in three phases. Avarus Solutions designed and implemented the build of the network infrastructure, camera surveillance system and access control. The project consisted of approximately 700 Category 6A cables, over 30 IP Video cameras integrated into their access control system, which has fifteen doors. Four of the doors have facial recognition that allow entry into specific areas of their workspace by comparing photos of their employees with the employee as they walk toward the door.

125,000 sq. ft.

Approximately 125,000 sq. ft. of Class B office space renovated in an aggressive 3 month window. This project included over 1,200 category 6 cables, 30 cameras and 15 doors with access control. Originally Avarus was to perform the design and installation of the cable plant. Once the customer saw the quality and speed at which everyone worked, they asked Avarus to design and install the cameras and access control as well.

250,000 sq. ft.

Four buildings totaling over 250,000 square feet of warehouse and office space. Survey and design of an IP based surveillance system. This included the installation of over 230 high resolution cameras, configuring three recording servers and installing and configuring all software. This also included extensive training for the customer on using an IP video system as opposed to an analog system they formerly had.